What is water aerobics

Today, water aerobics is understood as a set of rhythmic exercises performed while standing in the water to music. Overcoming the natural resistance of water, a person trains all muscle groups at once.

At the same time, the supporting properties of water facilitate training and reduce the load on the musculoskeletal system. Thanks to this, classes are less stressful, without injuries and contribute to the uniform development of all muscles.

It is difficult to say who invented water aerobics. Even in the days of Ancient Rome, mayums were popular – mass games, the mandatory program of which included spectacular performances on the water.

At the same time, we find descriptions of water training in the handwritten scrolls of Ancient China, whose novice fighters practiced their blows while standing in the water.

In our time, the idea of ​​doing physical exercises in the water was brought to perfection by Glen McWaters, an American athlete. After being seriously wounded in the thigh during the Vietnam War (1957 – 1975), the athlete developed his own training program to maintain physical fitness.

This is how aqua jogging appeared – a fitness direction reminiscent of aqua aerobics, during which a person’s legs should not touch the bottom of the pool.

What is useful water aerobics

The influence of water aerobics on the human body is comprehensive. With an average duration of one session of 40-50 minutes, the following results can be achieved.

Development of endurance and muscle strength, increasing their elasticity.
Strengthening the cardiovascular system.
Improvement of blood circulation and lymph flow, elimination of edema and congestion in tissues.

Improving the general condition of the musculoskeletal system and preventing its age-related diseases. Posture correction.

Acceleration of metabolism. Getting rid of extra pounds and normalization of weight. Formation of the desired shape of the figure, smoothing the manifestations of cellulite. Improving skin tone and preventing signs of premature aging. Hardening the body and strengthening its immunity. Relieve muscle and emotional tension.

Neutralization of the negative effects of stress, strengthening the nervous system. Sleep normalization. Improving general well-being, mood, increasing efficiency. Getting rid of complexes, insecurity and increasing self-esteem.

In order to feel all the benefits of water fitness, you need to exercise regularly – at least 2 – 3 times a week and do not skip classes. The first tangible results will appear after 1 workout. Visible changes in the outlines of the body and muscles – by the end of the first month of training.

A big plus during training will be adjusting the diet and giving up bad habits – smoking, alcohol abuse. This will help to achieve a positive result much faster and easier.

Cons and contraindications

Regular water aerobics does not harm the body. The only disadvantage of training is chlorinated water, which pool visitors may encounter. The problem is that the introduction of modern methods and installations for high-quality water purification is quite expensive. And wanting to save money, the administration of a fitness club with a swimming pool can use a tired disinfection method – chlorination.

Chlorinated lime kills pathogens of infectious diseases and disinfects water well, but at the same time it harms a person. After regular bathing in chlorinated water, he may encounter a number of unpleasant symptoms – dry and itchy skin; brittleness, stiffness and loss of hair shine; exacerbation of allergies; the appearance of candidiasis (thrush).

To avoid this, you should choose a pool for your classes, in the water of which there is no bleach, or take measures to protect against its harmful effects – use a rubber cap to protect your hair and scalp, take a shower after class, lubricate the body with nourishing, moisturizing agents, strengthen your immunity.

Another disadvantage of water fitness is contraindications. The fact is that, despite the great benefits, water aerobics may not be allowed for everyone. Relative contraindications to them are the following conditions and diseases.

Is it possible to practice if you can’t swim?

It is possible and necessary! Swimming skills are not required for water fitness. During training, a person stands chest-deep in water, feeling the support of the bottom of the pool – nothing threatens his life. If necessary, he can practice using inflatable armlets or a belt.

The effectiveness of water aerobics for weight loss

Water fitness classes contribute to weight loss. Their high efficiency is based on the natural and artificial properties of water.

Resistance – to overcome it, all muscle groups will be involved, and a large number of calories will be spent.

Massage movements of water – stimulate the muscles, skin, tone them, and speeding up the metabolic processes.

Water temperature is lower than body temperature – a difference of 6 – 100C causes the body to expend more energy (calories) in order to warm up and feel comfortable.

Thus, a person loses weight not only under the influence of exercise, but also water. At the same time, extra pounds go away gradually – without stress for the body, which guarantees a stable long-term result, without re-gaining body weight.

Being engaged in water aerobics, you can lose weight from 2 to 20 kg or more. In this case, everything depends only on the desire of a person, his efforts and discipline. To comply with the latter, training should not be missed – they must be regular, at least 3 – 4 times a week.