What yoga does for men

Due to modern beliefs, yoga practice is considered an exclusively female activity. At the same time, many have forgotten that the founders of this ancient spiritual teaching are men, like most of its practitioners in the East. Yoga for men awakens in them such qualities as physical and spiritual strength, endurance, the ability to concentrate, stamina, and it also brings great benefits to men’s health.

In traditional texts there is no clear distinction between yoga for women and yoga for men. But most of the scriptures say that yoga was mainly practiced by men. Since many deep meditative states were available only to the male half of humanity.

In today’s world, we see a completely different picture. Men’s yoga is not very advertised now, and if we draw a parallel in yoga classes, we will see that, for the most part, girls go to yoga. And if by percentage in yoga groups there are 70% of girls and 30% of guys, then this is already considered a “harmoniously filled group”, in terms of energy.


Men are often repelled by yoga, because it is believed that it is aimed at improving the body and developing flexibility, which is necessary only for females, and for men, a beautiful embossed body with good muscle mass is important.

In the first lessons, the exercises may not immediately work out. The main thing is not to get upset, practice more, focus on yourself, and not on what others think.

A correctly chosen mentor and the direction of the teaching will allow developing all the qualities necessary for men – strength, endurance, not only on the physical, but also on the mental level.

For male yoga, power and dynamic yoga poses are perfect. You can start with hatha yoga, and then, having reached a good physical shape, practice Ashtanga yoga and power yoga, which will allow you to create a beautiful relief body.

Also, special breathing and meditative techniques will allow you to develop the ability to concentrate, discipline your thoughts, and more easily overcome stressful and difficult tasks.

What do classes give

From the first practice, men will begin to develop physical and mental qualities in themselves, and after regular practice they will receive:

  • strong, elastic, hardy body with a good muscular frame;
  • feeling of self-confidence and attractiveness;
  • cheerfulness and burst of energy;
  • increased patience, resistance to stress and inner peace;
  • improvement of sleep, health, including men’s;
  • change in attitude to certain life situations.

Benefits of yoga for men

Yoga for men is needed primarily for:

  • increasing the strength and endurance of the body,
  • flexibility development,
  • working out all muscle groups, also affecting the internal adductor muscles of the legs, lower back, etc.,
  • improving sleep and well-being,
  • getting rid of stress and depression,
  • getting rid of muscle blocks, spasms and improving the digestive system,
  • increase concentration, and, accordingly, increase efficiency at work and in business.

Why did men forget about such an ancient and effective form of practice?

The fact is that when a man hears about yoga, he immediately has the illusion that in yoga they do only stretching and some kind of meditation, “sit with your eyes closed and catch zen.” Our men tend to build muscle mass, be “bigger, stronger, healthier”, which is why they choose other sports, for example, go to the gym and pump their muscles tirelessly.

The world is developing and does not stand still, and for a long time at yoga classes, adequate teachers teach yoga for both men and women. Power yoga for men is winning the hearts of many in the same Western Europe and America.

Styles such as power yoga and ashtanga vinyasa yoga are in demand by most men. You can even say more: there are also many girls in such strength and intensive classes. Therefore, it is not necessary to differentiate yoga into something feminine and masculine.

In yoga classes, the teacher gives not only stretching, but also many balance asanas, strength, endurance, where the masculine principle is just right.

Yoga, in one of the interpretations, is translated as “unity” – the unity of the mind and body.

You can even say more: if you observe yoga in the modern world, you will see that now, for the most part, the most powerful practitioners in yoga are men.

Also, one of the reasons why men give in to yoga is also the fact that, having come to a yoga class, they immediately want to have breathtaking strength and flexibility, but this does not happen at first, so they go and pump local muscles in the gym, where you can see immediate results.