Drying the body – what is it in sports

The term drying and weight loss will always go side by side, because the boundaries in understanding the difference between these methods are so blurred that many are perceived as one and the same.

In fact, these are not synonyms, but two different methods aimed at weight loss. Yes, they have one goal, but the ways to achieve the result are incomparable. Drying is a more rigid, short-term and unsafe method in some cases, therefore it has contraindications and is far from suitable for everyone. Below we consider in more detail the rules of drying, recommendations for nutrition and training.

What is body drying

Drying the body or muscles, which is one and the same, is a complex of diet and training aimed at reducing the content of subcutaneous fat and removing fluid from the body, providing a more prominent body structure, that is, a clear drawing of the muscles.

A good example of a dry body is the presence of press cubes. This is only a small part of the process, but a good example to understand the effect of drying. The thickness of the muscle does not really matter, the thinner the layer of fatty tissue, the drier the body and the more visible the cubes. The same is true with other muscles. But for this, they first need to be increased, toned, and then dried.

Who needs drying of the body and why

Drying is used not for the purpose of losing weight of an untrained body, but for drawing existing muscles, and in bodybuilding it goes as a pre-competitive stage. Thus, athletes who gain muscle mass within six months or even two years, and have achieved muscle growth, use the method to reduce adipose tissue as much as possible. This period can last from 1 to 3 months, depending on the total amount of fat in the body.

With the help of proper training and dietary features, an athlete achieves muscle relief in a short time, more precisely, separation and section of muscles. These indicators allow you to view the smallest details of the muscle structure, which is more necessary for the categories of male bodybuilding.

At the end of the stage, the athlete also removes excess fluid from the body, which makes the skin even thinner and the muscles more distinct. It is important to understand that the volume of the body is also noticeably reduced.

The drying method has also spread in fitness among amateurs who want to look sculpted and athletic. Therefore, the form “for life” also requires certain restrictions, so that the whole body looks drier.

Drying can be resorted to by both men and women who train the body with the help of strength training and want to achieve relief. It is worth clarifying that during nutrition and training to gain mass, excess fat “sticks” along with the muscles, so only with the help of drying you can get rid of it faster.

How to dry the body without harm

It should be understood that drying is a quick way of relatively harmless weight loss, so, of course, side effects in hard methods can occur to one degree or another. But these effects can be minimized.

Do not exclude fats from the diet, especially for girls. Reducing the fat content in the body below normal leads to hormonal failure, namely the cessation of the onset of menstruation. Therefore, in a healthy female body, the skin should not look like papyrus.

Don’t rule out salt. Lack, as well as an excess of minerals, leads to bone disorders, convulsions, and changes in blood pressure. Therefore, 1-2 grams of salt per day is the norm for a healthy person. Also drink plenty of pure water.


First of all, drying is a discipline. A step to the left or to the right of the drying rules threatens to fail, since the rigid framework in which the athlete must be will not tolerate indulgence from the outside.

Simply put, if simple carbohydrates do not enter the body, and complex carbohydrates are cut to a minimum, a constant energy deficit will serve to ensure that the body itself will spend its own fats as fuel, since it is sorely lacking from the outside.

And if you only give up slack and succumb to the temptation in the form of a piece of a confectionery masterpiece, as soon as the body stores it in fat. And the brain will receive a signal that the energy is already doing so, why waste your own fat reserves. Therefore, extremes and indulgences should not be.