TRX Loop Classes: Who Can Benefit From It?

Such a direction as TRX burst into the sports world back in the 90s. TRX loops are a great alternative to the gym; Plus, you can do it everywhere, whether it’s on the street or at home. This is a simulator that you can take with you, so even on business trips, sports will always be with you.

TRX loop workouts were developed by the military in America. The soldiers did not have the opportunity to fully train in the gym, but keeping fit was their responsibility. It is for this reason that TRX loops were invented, which allowed you to practice anytime, anywhere.

What is TRX training and why is it effective?

In fact, TRX is 2 slings that end in loops and are attached to the horizontal bar. It is in these loops that your legs, and sometimes your arms, are placed, with the goal of a real shake-up of your body.

During the class, all muscle groups are involved, which contributes to the development of the muscular corset, getting rid of excess weight and restoring the elasticity of the joints. Also, TRX training improves plasticity, flexibility, endurance, the work of the vestibular apparatus, and dexterity. Loop exercises are relevant for both men and women; There are absolutely no age restrictions.

TRX is perfect for people with a sports background. It is not necessary, of course, to be an experienced athlete, but at least a person must have experience in training in the gym or in any form of fitness.

It will be extremely difficult for an unprepared person to quickly get involved in work and cope with the load. Difficult, but possible. A little preparation, classes with a trainer will quickly lead you to a good result.

Slimming and TRX

TRX workouts are great for weight loss. Due to the fact that the workouts are dynamic, sweating and pulse rate increase significantly, which contributes to the breakdown of fats.

With the help of a suspension trainer, you can perform exercises such as: squats, swinging the press, pull-ups, push-ups. Loops create an additional load, thereby the muscles train more efficiently. For weight loss, such a set of exercises is perfect: pull-ups, lunges, push-ups with hands on loops, breeding arms / legs.

The main task of TRX is the formation of endurance, which contributes to the normal functioning of the body. A set of exercises with TRX loops is useful for people with asthma, as the lungs develop in the process of training.

In principle, you can deal with absolutely any pathology, but in this case it is worth choosing the exercises more carefully. It is best to seek professional help from a trainer.

Who needs TRX

First of all, TRX is suitable for trained people who have sports experience: gym, fight club, running. It is difficult for a person “from the threshold” to do it.

A beginner can start exercising without a coach, but it is worth remembering that there is a risk of “overdoing it”. Therefore, firstly, before starting classes, you should consult a doctor about contraindications and possible risks, and only then get down to business. If you are a beginner, then you can train on your own only on the simplest exercises that do not cause either high blood pressure or a strong change in heartbeat.

What is TRX good for?

The main function of TRX is the development of endurance, which means that it is indicated even for people with asthma – it will develop their lungs, and, in fact, endurance. You can deal with any pathology, however, for each diagnosis there will be a specific set of exercises.

It is worth remembering that not all sports and physical activity contribute to weight loss. The same goes for TRX. Of course, you can also lose weight with it: your goals determine the format of the workout, that is, if necessary, you can create a “weight loss” set of exercises.

Achieving any goals related to changing the volume of the body and muscles is not only exercise, but also food: if you eat no more than the size of your metabolism, then with any sports loads you will not be able to build voluminous muscles.

If you eat more than your consumption, you will never lose weight. The regimen is also important – adequate sleep, lack of stress. There is a lot of static load in TRX – therefore, you cannot immediately put a simple unprepared person on loops and get a result. Therefore, first – a track, a gym, a pool – and only then TRX.