Body pump – power aerobics as an alternative to the gym

Pump-aerobics (sometimes called “Barbell Workout” or “body-pump”) is a type of strength fitness using weights in the form of a mini bar (body bar), the weight of which can vary from 2 to 20 you are a kilogram The name of this type of fitness comes from the English word “pump”, which literally means “pump” or “pump up”.

In the course of classes, the weight of the barbell, which is recommended not to be released from the hands during the entire training, is selected individually. At the same time, the goal of each class is to work out specific muscle groups. As a rule, the set of exercises is compiled by instructors in such a way that the largest muscles are worked out first.

Possibilities and purposes of pump aerobics

Body pump is very popular among men and women who want to be in great shape, but for some reason can’t (or don’t want to) visit the gym regularly. Pump classes are perfect for developing strength, endurance, burning fat deposits, training a sense of balance.

Among other things, they contribute to the formation of the correct proportions of the body, improve the overall coordination of movements and make the muscles more toned.

Moreover, strength training has a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system, and also improves metabolism, strengthens bones and tendons, not to mention the general physical indicators of the body. Among other positive effects of pump training, experts note the emergence of self-confidence and one’s own strength.

Nuances of Pump training

As a rule, such classes, given their high intensity and frequent changes in pace, last no more than an hour. Thanks to the ability of the human body to adapt, with each subsequent training, its endurance increases, facilitating the process of performing exercises.

The first workout is always done with an empty bar, but from class to class the muscles get stronger, and the weight of the barbell and the number of repetitions of the exercises steadily increase. By the way, the body pump provides both the possibility of a gradual increase in the weight of the bar during training, and vice versa, its decrease with each set.

Contraindications to classes

Doctors do not advise people who suffer from joint diseases, varicose veins or have had serious spinal injuries in the past to perform pump complex exercises. At the same time, Pump aerobics classes are quite possible for those whose back problems are not so significant. Simply, the optimal schedule for them is one or two training sessions per week.

In any case, before purchasing a subscription to a fitness center, it makes sense to make an appointment with your doctor. After all, only he can accurately determine the degree of your readiness for this or that type of physical activity.

Benefits of Body Pump training

The benefits of Body Pump are so great that it’s hard to resist the temptation to try the workout for yourself. After all, a number of advantages have made such intensive power aerobics so popular all over the world. They are as follows:

  • A comprehensive approach. Synthesis of aerobic and strength exercises.
  • A fast pace of movements that will allow you to get rid of a few extra pounds and give the body a toned and slim look.
  • Exercises are updated every 3 months. With such a schedule, your muscles get used to the exercises, and the training becomes more varied.
  • An hour’s exercise will involve all the muscles of the buttocks, back, shoulders, legs, and arms.
  • Pump training is suitable for absolutely everyone. People who are not able to immediately start classes with a heavy load can perform exercises with an empty neck.
  • Adjustable load intensity. At your discretion, you can increase or decrease the weight of the dumbbell.

Ease of doing exercises, a smart approach will allow you to find an ideal healthy body. The benefits will make you think about the possibilities of joining the ranks of those who have already experienced the effectiveness of the developed body pump program and start training.

Nuances of pump aerobics classes

It costs no more than an hour to practice. At the same time, the pace changes all the time. With each training, the level of endurance of a person increases, and the next classes are much easier than the previous ones.

Exercises must be performed clearly and as accurately as possible according to the instructions of the trainer. You can determine the correctness of the exercise by pain sensations.

If during the exercise there are painful sensations on only one part of the body, for example, on one arm or leg, the exercise is performed incorrectly. The load should be evenly distributed over the body. As with any other physical activity, classes require .

After training, it is necessary to stretch and let the muscles relax. In this way, lactic acid is removed from the muscles, and subsequent pain sensations are reduced.

You can start training with a small weight and increase it with each approach. Or, on the contrary, first use the maximum load, and then gradually reduce it.

Classes are held with musical accompaniment. Do not be afraid of heavy weights, beginners are given only an empty neck. After strengthening the muscles, there is a gradual increase in the training weight and the number of repetitions of each exercise.

You need to choose only the most comfortable clothes. Sports pants, sneakers and a sports T-shirt are suitable. Special fitness sneakers will help to avoid unwanted injuries. A good fitness center with experienced instructors and the necessary equipment is best suited for classes. The trainer selects a personal load for each person who works. This approach will give the best result.