Bodybuilding: how it affects health

It is this sport that has acquired a considerable number of terrible myths about its detrimental effect on the body. Athletes exhaust themselves with training for the sake of a sculpted body and victories, and then they joke about problems with joints, muscle tears, blood vessels and potency. One of the main dangers is the exhaustion of the nervous system, which arises from excessive discipline and constant restrictions.

However, bodybuilders themselves note that, with the knowledge of the measure, this sport is one of the healthiest. In fact, the world of bodybuilding is much more multifaceted and extensive than is commonly thought.

What is bodybuilding

Bodybuilding or bodybuilding is a special sport that is different from most other disciplines. He combined both the technique of performing exercises, and strict adherence to the diet, training and rest, he also absorbed the aesthetic value.

In this sport, there are all kinds of methods and techniques of exercises, training, diets and even pharmacological agents, and all this is aimed at creating large-volume, high-quality muscles with a minimum fat content, while maintaining body proportions.

Bodybuilding is a system of exercises aimed at the fastest strengthening and growth of muscles. Can bodybuilding be called a sport? Of course yes! Like any other sport, the gym has a number of goals that athletes storm through pain, loss of strength and injury.

But if the racer competes with opponents directly on the field, using his skills and means on the race track, then the bodybuilder fights the entire preparatory season both with himself and with the enemy, but this happens in absentia!

And on the stage, directly at the competition, athletes practically cannot influence anything, and the one who trained harder, and the one who followed the regime and did not spare himself in achieving the goal, wins!

Natural bodybuilding and its features

Natural bodybuilding, in comparison with the usual professional one, in which, as they say, all means are good, does not look so impressive. Athletes seem unremarkable, and the quality of their muscles is far from the strongest separation of steroid mutants, but otherwise, it is still the same bodybuilding with many techniques, innovations, intense hard training, a drying stage using various pharmacological agents that are not prohibited by the bodybuilding federation.

About illegal drugs in professional bodybuilding

Another dangerous factor that leads to a number of diseases is the use of pharmacological agents with a pronounced anabolic effect – steroids. It is synthetic testosterone in various forms and chemical profiles.

Changing the molecular structure allows you to either gain more body weight, or, conversely, make it better. What can we say about hormonal drugs, even if the instructions for vitamin “C” have an impressive list of contraindications and possible side effects.

Synthetic hormones are also no exception, and their effect on the body is much stronger and more dangerous than any other anabolic drugs. But the worst thing is that the opinion about exceeding therapeutic doses has taken root many times in society and among bodybuilders.

Of course, the optimal doses for mass gain go beyond the maximum therapeutic, however, the modern society of bodybuilders blindly believes that, for example, methandienone works in an amount of 30-40 mg per day and above. In this case, the maximum daily therapeutic dose is 5 mg!

One can imagine how the human body is oversaturated with male sex hormones. In addition to large doses, the duration of administration is also disturbed. Such abuse can cause a number of terrible consequences that can even lead to death.

Bodybuilding for beginners

As in any other sport, in bodybuilding the main thing is to start. But if in other disciplines, be it boxing or fencing, the coach takes care of you from beginning to end, then there is no such thing in bodybuilding. The bulk of beginners come to the gym on their own initiative and, at best, take the first three classes from a gym trainer.

And by the way, you can often run into a coach who does not have any special knowledge in this sport. After all, he can be a professional athlete in powerlifting, weightlifting, and not have any titles and achievements at all, but simply complete coaching courses or have a higher sports education of a school physical education teacher, albeit with a long work experience.

Such people can help at the initial stage, but they will not be able to make Mr. Olympia out of a beginner. Therefore, at the initial stage, it is better not to chase the title of a bodybuilder, but simply start with simple introductory workouts.