Contrary to popular belief, Stretching is not just an opportunity to sit on the splits. There are a large number of exercises aimed at stretching the muscles of the neck, arms, back, legs, as well as techniques aimed at increasing the plasticity of the joints and stretching the deep muscles.

Stretching is an integral part of the health-improving gymnastics complex, is included in the anti-cellulite program, and besides, it is necessarily used during the preparation of athletes in many sports.

During exercise, short-term muscle tension alternates with relaxation. Due to this, it becomes possible to relieve excessive tension from the muscles, restore strength and relax in a matter of minutes. An important point is that when changing the intensity of loads and using various types of stretch marks and their combinations, almost all muscle groups are involved in the process.

Characteristics of the sports direction

A lot of exercises are united under one concept of “stretching”, what does their regular performance give? Improved flexibility and stretch. They can alternate each other or act as an addition to a particular program.

If you have visited or now go to the gym and regularly sit on the twine, then you are personally familiar with this discipline. Stretching is primarily aimed at stretching the muscles of the legs. Regular exercise will help you get rid of excess weight and cellulite.

Stretching also allows you to use the muscles:

  • hands;
  • back;
  • neck;
  • upper body.

Stretching will restore mobility to the joints, preventing premature aging of the whole organism. Without exception, all professional athletes perform stretching exercises. This direction is also evaluated by doctors who are involved in the preparation of a health-improving gymnastic program. General recovery can be achieved through alternate relaxation and muscle tension.

Why is stretching good for women? It enables the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity to remain slim or to return to their former forms in a short period. Regular exercise helps to reduce body fat and increase muscle. After a year of training, many women can boast of a relief body. In this case, there is a stretching of the muscles, and not their expansion.

Benefits for the body

Performing stretching exercises will not only improve your well-being, but also solve the following tasks:

  • eliminate muscle tension and relieve nerve blocks;
  • reduce pain;
  • activate absolutely all muscle groups;
  • stimulate the work of the cardiovascular system;
  • regain former flexibility;
  • straighten your posture;
  • make the silhouette attractive and “curly”;
  • increase self-esteem and achieve harmony with oneself.

What is stretching for? To prolong youth and maintain attractiveness. If you regularly perform flexibility exercises throughout your life, then even at the age of 50 you can easily put your head on your knees and sit on the twine. Stretching allows you to master the most difficult yoga poses and diversify power loads.

Directions of discipline

Arguing about the usefulness of stretching, it is impossible not to touch on the classification of this sports direction. People with good physical fitness can safely perform aerial exercises in limbo. It is difficult for beginners to master the technique, and there is a high probability of injury.

Before moving on to airstretching, you need to learn how to correctly perform the exercises of the classical direction. You don’t have to prove anything to anyone and don’t overload yourself too much.

In the first workouts, stretch this or that muscle group for no more than 10 seconds. Do you want to increase the stamina of the body? The power variety of discipline is perfect for realizing the goal.

A significant advantage of Stretching is its proximity to natural movements. Think about it: when we wake up from sleep, there is nothing more pleasant than a good stretch. It is also nice to do this after a long sitting work: when we stretch, drowsiness and fatigue leave our body! By stimulating the work of muscles during stretching, Stretching exercises improve joint mobility, increase the elasticity of tendons and ligaments.

What to look out for

If you’re only going to be training to keep fit, three to four times a week will suffice. If you want to remove some figure flaws, show more diligence, and everyday exercises will help you achieve the desired result. You can practice at any time of the day, choose the most convenient for you.

Stretching will bring tangible results only if it is combined with other types of physical activity. Stretching exercises can be done after morning exercises.