What is callanetics

Among the various areas of fitness, callanetics occupies a special place. In fact, this is a kind of gymnastics, the task of which is to provide a good stretch of the deep muscles. This includes static exercises that need to be done with maximum fluidity.

The direction originated about 50 years ago as an effective way to overcome back and joint pain. It was developed by the ballerina Callan Pinkney, who had serious problems with the musculoskeletal system.

Due to severe pain, the doctors advised her to have an operation, but Callan chose a different path, creating her own set of exercises, which turned out to be effective, and is now widely used in fitness programs.

Gymnastics, callanetics and Pilates have a lot in common

In this fitness practice, 29 asanas are provided, which must be performed alternately very slowly. There are no jumps, sharp loads or strength exercises. They are just absolutely contraindicated, since they can nullify all efforts.

The muscles should gradually warm up and stretch, so each posture is taken and held for at least 1 minute, or even more. During training, metabolic processes in the body are significantly accelerated, calories are burned (up to 400 calories are burned in 1 hour of intensive training). At the initial stage, you can train several times a week for an hour, and then you can reduce the intensity to 1-2 times.

The benefits and benefits of callanetics exercises

Today, perhaps, any woman dreams of an ideal slender, toned figure. It has long been proven that no matter how strict a diet you adhere to, all the suffering can be useless without physical activity, including a specially designed set of exercises.

Even if you manage to lose weight, you may encounter an unpleasant surprise in the form of stretch marks or sagging skin. Callanetics designed for weight loss are exercises for the abdomen, buttocks, legs and other parts of the body, which will not only help burn fat, but also give the skin elasticity and firmness.

We can highlight such positive aspects of callanetics as:

  • toning all muscle tissues;
  • rapid weight loss;
  • development of flexibility, mobility;
  • strengthening immunity;
  • the acquisition of a figure of beautiful forms;
  • calming effect on the psyche.

A set of callanetics exercises is available to everyone without exception – children, youth and older people, those who suffer from chronic diseases, and people who are overweight.

As practice shows, regular performance of static exercises causes compaction of muscle tissue. With the right approach, classes will tone the muscles, but in no case will they cause weight gain.

That is why callanetics is ideal for people who want to lose some weight without pumping muscles. But to lose weight and get the body in shape will only work under certain conditions, which we will discuss below.

Is it possible to lose weight with callanetics

Many people start exercising to lose weight. Therefore, the question of whether it is possible to lose weight with the help of callanetics worries all beginners. According to the statements of the creator herself, 1 hour of callanetics is equivalent to 24 hours of aerobics.

Of course, the numbers are a bit exaggerated. But in practice, in one hour of training, you can burn up to 400 calories, depending on the intensity of the exercise. In addition, prolonged static loads accelerate metabolic processes in the body, contributing to increased calorie burning.

Indications and contraindications for callanetics

Anyone can do callanetics. But static exercises are especially recommended for people who want to:

  • get rid of back and neck pain;
  • improve posture;
  • tone muscles without gaining mass;
  • remove excess weight;
  • activate the metabolism in the body.

Despite the fact that callanetics involves safe static loads and is suitable even for older people who have joint problems, there are some contraindications. People suffering from diseases of the heart and blood vessels, bronchial asthma, after surgery and serious injuries, should first consult a doctor.


And what harm can callanetics cause to the body? Fans of inventing problems talk about retinal detachment and terrible consequences in the form of a strong increase in muscles. But muscles from statics will practically not grow.

And retinal detachment should be expected from something like a bench press of 250 kg in equipment, and not from squats with a “chair” against a wall without weight. This is for a healthy person. It is advisable for nearsighted people to visit a doctor and decide which exercises are suitable for them. It is not correct to give universal recommendations here.

Usually the harm of such gymnastics lies in broken dreams and expectations. The girl is overweight, there is no money for a coach, online marathons are forced to run a lot, the diet is difficult to follow. And so she finds gymnastics and visualizes a slender ballerina.

But if the excess weight is about 10 kg, the posture is broken, the muscles are felt with difficulty, there is no technique, the diet is also only hypothetical so far, you should not expect much. Exercise cannot be done alone.

If a calorie deficit is not created, callanetics can:

  • remove a couple of centimeters at the waist by toning the transverse abdominal muscle (without burning the fat itself);
  • improve posture;
  • slightly tighten the buttocks and thighs.

With a deficit, fat will be burned (however, with a deficit, it will be burned even without exercise). Unfortunately, the legendary metabolism boost from callanetics is not that great. The maximum calorie consumption will increase by 40-50 kcal per day. And this is negligible. Therefore, the diet will still have to be included.